People contacted first in the specific situations

For each of the following situations, please select who you would turn to first. If there are several people you are equally likely to turn to, please select the one you feel closest to. Who would you turn to first to?



Country-level results

Help around home
Help when depressed
Talk about problems related to studying issues
Talk about problems related to future education
Talk about problems related to personal finances
Talk about problems related to family and relationships
Talk about problems related to professional career in the future
Talk about the COVID-19 crisis



















  • Fieldwork: 5 May – 15 June 2020
  • Sample size:31.000+ (only countries with 30+ respondents are included in a graphical analysis)
  • International partners: 160+ universities
  • Target population: Higher education students aged 18 and over
  • Spatial coverage: Worldwide (100+ countries from 6 continents)
  • Data collection mode: Online questionnaire
  • Respondent recruitment: Snowballing and advertisements on university communication systems as well as social media
  • Methodology: Methodological Framework
  • Publisher: CovidSocLab