Satisfaction with support of teaching and support staff

Since on-site classes were cancelled, how satisfied have you been with support of:



Country-level results

Teaching staff
Technical support or IT services
Student affairs office
Finance and accounting
International office
Public relations (websites and social media information)
Student counselling services






















  • Fieldwork: 5 May – 15 June 2020
  • Sample size:31.000+ (only countries with 30+ respondents are included in a graphical analysis)
  • International partners: 160+ universities
  • Target population: Higher education students aged 18 and over
  • Spatial coverage: Worldwide (100+ countries from 6 continents)
  • Data collection mode: Online questionnaire
  • Respondent recruitment: Snowballing and advertisements on university communication systems as well as social media
  • Methodology: Methodological Framework
  • Publisher: CovidSocLab